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Windows XP & TTS speech  Application   No registration need FREE to use

EchoProducer is a simple to use Windows XP utility that uses the Text to Speech engine that comes with Windows. Ideal for Sysop/Owner of a Repeater / Link or Conference Controllers. There are many tools in this program that will assist you.. Courtesy tones using CW or Audio file ID's with effects (Door bell sounds). Weather conditions Current, Forecasts and Warnings. Auto connect options. Text Box Greetings for connecting stations. DTMF audio player can be used for Help or Information audio files. Graphical Text Chat box. Up to 20 random Beacons using TTS. News Player, Download and play the news to your RF users all automatically. Sysop / Admin Conference Controller option. DTMF single or group connect / disconnect. Times Connect and disconnect station in the conference Timed silence mode option.  Plus much more. This program runs along side the EchoLink program.

A BIG Thank You to Jonathan K1RFD for providing EchoLink. Without it this program EchoProducer would not have been possible. The EchoLink program is provided FREE as is the EchoProducer add-on.

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History & Download


Main Menu

Normal Sysop Mode

The small button at the top left of the windows will make the text larger / smaller whish will make the text a little easier for the poor sited. The button to the right of the station list will reveal a larger station floating list. The buttons either side of the Listed not Busy window will enable and disable the "Listed Busy" and "Listening Only"

Conference Sysop Mode

These are the main screen and will give you the option to go to various parts of the program. Normal users and Conference Admin will see slightly different screen as shown in the top picture. Conference Admin will see some extra buttons and functions as shown in the above screen to control there nodes and conferences. The time out counter is Only an indicator for you and does nothing else. The amount of minutes to be changed to meet your needs. All important information is displayed on the easy to see screen with the option to display and alter some of the parameters using the setup button.  The small button at the top left of the window will make the text larger / smaller whish will make the text a little easier for the poor sited. The buttons either side of the Listed not Busy window will enable and disable the "Listed Busy" and "Listening Only"


EchoProducer is a Windows  Application   No registration need for these program. Free to use

TTS Voice is required

Check regularly as I will update as soon as I have made amendments or additions from users
Initial Setup
You must have EchoLink installed and running before installing EchoProducer 
 Download the software into a directory unzip the software (4 files) and Run Setup
You MUST Install the program into its default directory
C:\Program Files\EchoProducer\
C:\Program Files\EchoProducer\ is where the program places its files. You must let the program install it in the default directory.
Updates to the program can be checked and checked from the program and updated. See below for update information.
NOTE if you are using a 64 bit version of windows do NOT allow the program to install in the C:\Program Files (x86) EchoProducer\
What computer do I need and how fast must it be
EchoProduce runs under the Windows XP platform. Due to the size that the program has grown I would suggest that the computer speed needed would be over1 gig speed and as much memory as you can. 500 meg and above. The rule of thumb her is the fastest computer with the most memory as possible.
Where can I get voices from?
I used NeoSpeech voices from I found Kate16 to be the best.
Check in your Control Panel for the speech Icon and that your Text to Speech is working first before running EchoProducer. I have not tried it on any of the other windows. If you have and it works let me know. Check out the Microsoft web site Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 for more information.
How do I install the voice
The program uses the XP speech engine and this must be working before the EchoProducer program is run.
Setting up your voice is not hard. Once you have installed your voice using the instructions provided with your voice simply go to the control panel and select the speech icon as this is where you will select the voice that you have installed. this is done by going to Start Ė Settings - Control Panel Ė Speech - Voice selection - select your voice you installed. (If you can see your voice you havenít installed it.)
You can test the voice here and when you are happy with your selection click OK. Your voice should work with any of your programs that use the speech engine like EchoProducer.
Turn Off the normal EchoLink voice
To stop the EchoLink voices and have EchoProducer voice only on the EchoLink program go to
TOOLS - SYSOP SETTINGS - IDENT and blank out the callsigns and all remaining tick boxes must be empty. Tick the Use external file box.
TOOLS - SYSOP SETTINGS - OPTIONS Set Announce Connects to None. Set Announce Disconnects to None. Set Announcement Muting to Suppress all
The only EchoLink voice that we are unable to disable is the "Connecting to Call" when DTMF is used
24 hour PC Clock
Make sure your Windows clock is on 24 hour time. To do this, go to the Windows control panel, make sure it is in "Classic View" and choose "Region and Language Options." Then, click Customize. Choose the tab labelled "Time." Under the Time Format pull-down menu, choose "HH:mm:ss." Click OK, Then OK again, and Windows should now be showing the time in 24 hour format.
Main Screen Colour and LED's
Every body has there own idea on the colours that they want there EchoProducer to be so the option to change the colour of the main screen only to your preference also the LED indicators can be changed. This can be accessible from the setup menu or the small buttons wither side of the station talking area.
***  Compute Alerts  ***
Your computer alert setting MUST be turned OFF when using EchoLink as the noise made can be transmitted through the system especially when using VOX.
To Stop / Disable them Click on START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL - Sound and audio devices - Sounds - Scroll down to Windows Explorer  and change the Start Navigation to None and click OK
Some conferences will Mute you if these Computer noises are heard. This will happen on the *IRELAND* conference so be warned.
Cool It       
Also be mindful of your transmitter when transmitting large files you could damage your radio if you are running high power and donít have sufficient cooling. You are responsible for your equipment so check with the equipment manufacturer if you are unsure.


The EchoAddons are now available from

PDF Help Manuals for some EchoAddons available from Dave G3VFP website Click Here


I hope you find the program useful
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Page Updated on  28/07/2013